December 09, 2011


Hi all!

Welcome to More Space & Better Taste!

and a special welcome to you if you are visiting from Pinterest!

This is a baby blog. I am just starting out.  

If you are one of my first 100 followers, I will custom make a document/template for you - whatever you want!!

Just make sure you have emailed me your name and email address, and details of what you would like made for you.
[and become a follower, of course]

And that's it.  Nothing here is for sale or has any weird catch to it, it's just me, doing what I love to do.  And I hope that what I love to do will also have some benefit for you also! Whether you are a mom, homemaker, blogger, or avid pinterest-er.. 

stop by and take a look around.  

Feel free to download anything you like!

*I love you other bloggers!* 

Feel free to post about my stuff and share with your followers.. all I ask for is a link back!  

Thanks so much for stopping by, everyone.

Leave a little note if you like what you see :) 
Your opinion is much appreciated!
[and your spreading the word..] :)